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The Story Board

Competition Time! Every month, you can write a story based on a prompt I give you. It might be a picture, a place, a character or an object! My favourite story will be published here! Yes, that's right! YOUR story!

Image by Etienne Girardet

Sometimes it's hard to think of a story idea. So every month I'll give you a new prompt. Write your very best story and email it to me. I'll pick my favourites, and tell you what I loved!

My favourite young story writer of the whole year will get to help me create and name a character for one of my books! Yes, you did read that right! YOUR idea will go into a real book!


January 2024
Would you like to meet a dragon?

My own dragon story, Raine in the Underlands, has huge dragons and tiny dragons. 

Did you know that some dragons are so small they can fit inside a teacup? Yes, you've guessed it, they're called teacup dragons!

I would love you to find out an interesting fact about dragons, and base your story on it.

I can't wait to read your fiery dragon adventures!

Jungle Waterfall

December 2023
As a world class adventurer, I plunged into the rain
forest in search of its famous treasure.

This month's story is inspired by our family movie at the weekend. Dora the Explorer! Use this as your exciting first line, or don't!

Who is your main character? Is it you? Grown-up you? Or someone entirely different?

Think about your point of view for this month's story. Who is telling the story? Can you show me how your hero feels? Excited? Scared? Think about what your body does when you feel these emotions, and how you could show that in your writing. Your heart might beat faster, or sweat might trickle down your back.

Have fun! I can't wait to read your wonderful stories!

email your story to with the subject "Story Board". Don't forget your name and age!

And December's winner is 7 year old Xav.

I love the use of different fonts to break up the text

and make the story so interesting

to look at as well as read!


Write a story set in a desert.

How did you get there?

Is it a desert on Earth, or a desert planet?

How will you survive?

What animals will you meet?

Have fun with this one! I can't wait to read your adventures!

And this month's winner is Bobby, who is only 7

years old. I love how much detail he's put into

'Desert Danger'.

Very impressive, Bobby!

Image by Laura Rivera

What happens when a prank goes horribly wrong?

Who doesn't love a good practical joke or prank?

But what happens when a prank goes wrong, or a practical joke goes too far? Is it funny, or does it become something more serious?

How do the pranksters feel? How can things get better, or go back to normal?

Your main characters might get into a whole heap of trouble trying to wriggle out of this one!

Email your story with your name and age and the subject line ' Story Board' to

Happy writing!

And here's the winner, 'Sir Monkey Face'. It's so silly,

I think the author had a lot of fun! Well done, Thomas!

Image by Aidas Ciziunas

Write a story with an animal as a main character.

You guys know I love animals, and there are always animals in my stories. But it can be tricky to write an animal as a main character. You have to think like the animal you choose to make it believable!

Some things you might like to think about are: How does the animal communicate? How does the animal move? What problem does the animal have, and how will they fix it?

Have fun! I can't wait to read your stories! 

Email your story with the subject line  'Story Board' to Don't forget to tell me your name and your age!!

And here's the winning story

'Spirit Dog' by Ruby, aged 8!

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