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Developmental Edit 

A developmental edit is a comprehensive review of your manuscript that looks at the overall story arc, characters, and plot. It helps ensure your story is structured and cohesive, and that your characters are well-developed and believable. With this service, I will help you create a powerful and compelling story that will captivate readers.

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Line Edit

A line edit ensures that your manuscript is perfect in every way. I will check for spelling, syntax, grammar and suitable language, ensuring a consistent style throughout whilst remaining true to your author voice and offering suggestions to polish your work to perfection.

Contact me today for a free sample and quote. 



Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. I will ensure your writing is free from any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and with no sneaky homophones. After a proofread your work is ready for publication!

An academic proofread will include footnotes, references, appendices and bibliography. 

 AU$10 per 1000 words.


"I am so glad I connected with Emma on Facebook and selected her to be my editor. Her editorial comments, suggestions, and corrections have done so much to help me really bring out the kingdom of Herezoth for all it is, from suggestions of expanding kingdom-specific slang to simply rewording things so that they sound cleaner, simpler, and clearer. There were definitely moments going through my edit when I saw what she'd done and I thought, "That's so perfect and simple. How couldn't I see it?" She also drew my attention to the words and phrases I use a bit too often and helpfully noted when I wrote something that was technically correct but people might misread as incorrect.


I definitely recommend Emma. She was timely, attentive, competent, and a true pleasure to work with!"

Victoria Grefer

The Crimson League: The Fight for Hope

Alexa Young, CA


Welcome to e.g. editing.

I've always been fascinated by language and writing, and I can't wait to help you turn your manuscript into the very best it can be. 

I'm a multi-award-winning short story writer and Amazon best-selling children's author. My MA in Literary Criticism, an internship at Black Spring Press and certification by The London School of Publishing, roles in the newspaper industry as a copy editor and music journalist, as well as my years as a Literacy and ESL teacher, gave me the perfect experience to start beta reading and proofreading while at home raising my family.

In 2021,  as I was completing a 12 month novel writing course at The Australian Writers' Centre, I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship to study editing at Capstone Editing College. 


Whether you need help bringing out the best in your manuscript, or just a second set of eyes on your final draft before you publish, I would love to be a part of your journey.


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