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About E M Greville

Hi! I'm E M (Em for short) Greville, and I love all things kid lit! From rhyming picture books to middle-grade adventures, you'll often find me with my nose in a great book. I especially loves a good ghost story. Wooooo!

I write funny rhymes and exciting adventures with lots of magic and a good sprinkling of farts and burps, which also tackle the important things like friendship, family and finding  your place in the world.

Question:  Favourite animal?

Answer: I don't really know if it counts, because they're not actaully real, but I'm obsessed with dragons! And of course I love my chooks and cats. Here, this is my cat. Cute, huh?

Question: Favourite food?

Answer: Cheese, Chilli and Chocolate. All the 'ch's. Maybe not all together, but then again- maybe I've just invented the next big thing!

Question: Favourite author?

Answer: Terry Pratchett. His books are hilarious, but always kind. He writes for kids and adults, and I love all his books!

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